Water plans and document

Water Master Plan

[January 2018]


The Water Master Plan outlines is a multi-year capital improvement program to maintain a robust, adaptable, and efficient water management system that can meet the present and future needs of community. It includes environmental sustainability and preparing for potential water-related crises or emergencies. Download it here.



Urban Water Management Plan

[June 2021]


The Urban Water Management Plan is an assessment of the present and future water supply sources and demands within the Santa Ana’s service area. It is a detailed document outlining the City’s water resource needs, water use efficiency programs, and water reliability assessment and strategies to mitigate water shortage conditions. Download it here.



Water Shortage Contingency Plan

[June 2021]


As part of the Urban Water Management Plan, the Water Shortage Contingency Plan is a strategic planning document to help the City maintain reliable supplies and reduce the impacts of supply interruptions.  Download it here.



Recycled Water Master Plan

[March 2019]


Our Recycled Water Master Plan is a comprehensive and strategic document that identifies opportunities to treat and reuse wastewater for purposes such as irrigation, industrial processes, landscape maintenance, and other non-drinking water needs. Download it here.

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