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Environmental sanitation

Sanitation Inspection (environmental sanitation) Program

Mission statement

Ensure that City right-of-way and properties are clean and comply with garbage, rubbish, and weed control ordinances.


The Sanitation Inspection (Environmental Sanitation) Program enforces municipal codes for right-of-way obstructions, illegal advertising, weed/rubbish abatement, and refuse violations. In addition, the program oversees the fencing of City properties, street sweeping, solid waste, and coordination of citywide homeless encampment clean ups. The program also coordinates with neighborhood associations to assist in beautifying their properties and neighborhoods.


The Program aims to ensure that all City right-of-way is free of obstructive matter and that the City is clean and attractive.

Types of Services Provided:

  • City Temporary Fencing
  • Inspection of illegal dumping and right-of-way obstructions
  • Refuse Collection mixed-waste compliance
  • Street Sweeping Inspections
  • Weed abatement

For questions, please call Public Works Dispatch at (714) 647-3380.

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