Street moratorium

On July 6, 2021, the City Council adopted an ordinance repealing and reenacting Santa Ana Municipal Code Chapter 33, Section 54 (SAMC 33-54) establishing the preservation of newly constructed and reconstructed arterial streets, local streets and alleys in order to protect City's capital investment in infrastructure and to preserve the street pavement integrity, ride quality and appearances of new street surfaces.

The Public Works Agency establishes the following pavement cut moratorium list, which will be updated as projects are completed.

As part of SAMC 33-54, City Street Pavements that will be newly constructed, reconstructed, resurfaced, or surface sealed will be published on the City’s website and made available for inspection in the Public Works Agency at least twelve (12) months prior to the beginning of such construction. The Capital Improvement Program (CIP), which is adopted by the City Council annually, is long range fiscal forecast identifying major public improvements to the City’s infrastructure over the next seven years. The current CIP and its projects’ schedules are provided below to assist the utility companies and developers to plan well enough in advance to determine their planned project schedules and alternate methods for making necessary repairs to avoid excavating in newly resurfaced roadways. These CIP projects are also coordinated by the project managers with the impacted utility companies. Additionally, the Quarterly Utility Coordination Meeting is a valuable resource for all utility companies serving the City of Santa Ana to receive updates and coordinate upcoming capital improvement projects.


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