Grass-to-Garden program


Winners have been selected for this year's program. All participants will receive a letter in the mail notifying them of this year’s Grass-to-Garden (G2G) program results by December 2023. Please revisit this page to view the landscape transformations for this year's program!


About the program

Our Grass-to-Garden Program provides a water-wise landscape conversion free of charge to low-income residents in historically underserved neighborhoods. The program, designed to make Santa Ana landscapes water efficient and beautiful, is available to a select number of residents while program funding lasts.


Landscape designs: beautiful and water efficient

Qualifying residents can choose from beautiful landscape designs that are water-efficient and create natural habitats for birds and butterflies. Each design includes:

  • Replacement of your water thirsty lawn with California native plants that require less water
  • The installation of an efficient irrigation system
  • Stormwater retention features such as berms, swales and dry creek beds
  • Mulch and other permeable surfaces to minimize runoff



* Landscape designs provided courtesy of Municipal Water District of Orange County  (MWDOC).

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