Public Works frequently asked questions

We have a problem with cars speeding down our street. How can we get speed bumps installed in my neighborhood?

You can review the procedure for installing speed bumps or call (714) 647-5619 for more information.

How can I get a traffic count?

You may call (714) 647-5619 to obtain information by phone or you can view the 2017-18 data now.

How can I stop people from using the streets in my neighborhood as a thoroughfare?

You can call (714) 647-5619 for information about the City’s traffic management plans. The City has developed a procedure for adopting and implementing neighborhood traffic management plans.

How can I dispose of household hazardous waste?

If you have pesticides, cleaners, batteries, pool chemicals and paints in addition to other chemicals found around your home, proper disposal facilities are nearby. The County of Orange offers free disposal for household hazardous waste at several locations close to Santa Ana. The collection centers are open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Please call (714) 834-6752 for more information. The following are collection locations:

1071 North Blue Gum Street

6411 Oak Canyon (Next to City Yard)

Huntington Beach
17121 Nichols Street (Use Gate 6)

How can I report illegal dumping in storm drains?

The City conducts regular inspections and maintenance of the sewer system. A fund has been established to replace or repair worn out sewer laterals using city crews, within the public right-of-way.  Call (714) 647-3380 for assistance. The introduction of fats, oils and grease are detrimental to the proper functioning of the sewer system. See how to eliminate fats, oils and grease from entering the sewer system.

Call (714) 647-3380 to report someone dumping trash or other waste into the storm drain. Storm drains are cleaned annually to ensure streets and sidewalks do not flood during heavy rains.

I’ve been seeing graffiti in my neighborhood. How can I get it removed?

Call the Graffiti Hotline at (877) 786-7824 (877 – STOPTAG) to report graffiti. If it is on public property or fences facing the street, it will be removed within 1-2 days. For graffiti found in unincorporated areas or on County-owned and maintained property, please call the County of Orange at (714) 667-1600. For more information regarding Graffiti, please visit the Graffiti Program page.

How can I find out about recycling and trash services?

Put your trash carts at the curb no earlier than 4:00 pm on the day before your scheduled collection, and put them out of sight by midnight the day your trash is collected. Never leave your carts at the curb beyond your scheduled trash day. If you see carts in public view, please contact the City’s Public Works Dispatch at (714) 647-3380 to report the location.

When New Year’s Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day is observed on a weekday, collections for the remainder of the week will be delayed one day. When refuse collection and street sweeping occur on the same day, please place your carts on top of the curb to allow the street sweeper to clean the curbs and gutters.

For household cleanup, you can call Waste Management, Inc. at (714) 558-7761 and ask for a temporary three-yard bin for general clean up.

For remodeling and other construction and demolition projects, you can contact Ware Disposal (714) 834-0234 or Waste Management at (714) 558-7761 for a construction bin or roll-off container.

You can contact Waste Management at (714) 558-7761 to:

  • Change the size of your trash carts
  • Order large item pick-ups for curbside customers twice per year, free
  • Replace your damaged or missing carts, free
  • Order additional carts at $2.00 per month

How can I dispose of used motor oil?

The City provides curbside used motor oil and filter collection at no charge. Contact Waste Management at (714) 558-7761 to receive your free oil container and filter bag. After you have filled the container with used motor oil, and placed your used oil filter in the plastic bag, call Waste Management to schedule a pickup. Your oil and oil filter will be picked up on your next regularly scheduled refuse collection day and a new empty container and oil filter bag will be left for your next oil change. DO NOT dump used motor oil into storm drains as they flow to the ocean.

How can I report vandalism and unsightly conditions at bus stops and shelters?

Bus shelters and stops are cleaned twice a week. To report trash, debris and vandalism at bus shelters, call (714) 713-6603. Bus schedules can be viewed here.

How can I have abandoned shopping carts removed?

For shopping cart removal, call Community Preservation at (714) 667-2780.

Who do I contact regarding abandoned property, weeds and rubbish on public property (streets, alleys and parkways)?

For abandoned property, weeds and rubbish on public property, you may contact Public Works Dispatch at (714) 647-3380.

Where can I find the street sweeping schedule for my neighborhood?

Residential City streets are swept every week and are posted with the day and time of the sweeping schedule. Click to see a map of the street sweeping schedule. It is illegal to park on the street during the scheduled sweeping times. Vehicles parked on the street when the sweeper passes will receive a parking citation. It is illegal to park vehicles on residential lawns, even on street sweeping day. Streets are not swept on City holidays and are not rescheduled for sweeping the following day.

City Holidays are New Year’s day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day following Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and the last working day before Christmas day or, if Christmas Day falls on Thursday, the Friday following Christmas Day. Holidays which fall on a Sunday will be observed on the following Monday and holidays which fall on a Saturday will be observed on the Friday preceding the Holiday. For questions, please call Public Works Dispatch at (714) 647-3380.

Water is coming out of the meter box in front of my house. Who do I call to fix it?

Call (714) 647-3380 to report water in the meter box. If the water is coming from the street side of the meter, it is the City’s responsibility to fix it.

How can I get a new tree planted in the parkway in front of my home?

The City has 40 different species of trees we plant in parkways. However, some trees will not work in certain parkways due to the size of the parkway and the root structure of the tree. Your choice of tree will also be limited to those already planted in your neighborhood’s parkways. You may call the Tree Maintenance Supervisor at  (714) 647-3380 to request a site inspection to determine which species of tree will work best in your parkway.

Homeowners will be responsible for deep watering their trees. City staff will provide trimming and pesticide services as well as re-staking the tree, if necessary. Call (714) 647-3380 to verify when a City-owned tree will be trimmed. View a complete list of trees.

How can I report street median problems?

The City maintains landscaping in street medians. To report problems such as damaged trees, plants, signage or irrigation, call (714) 647-3380.

Who do I call to report shoes on overhead wires?

To report discarded shoes or foreign objects hanging on overhead wires, you can call the City of Santa Ana Public Works Agency to report the location at the number below or if you are familiar with the utility wires, you can contact the utility company directly. Click here to view an example of overhead wires on a utility pole.

• City of Santa Ana Public Works Agency: (714) 647-3380

                 – OR –

• Southern California Edison1 (800) 611-1911 – Press Option “1”
• Spectrum (Cable): 1 (800) 238-2955 – Press Option “5”
• AT&T611 – Press Option “8”

How can I report a traffic light malfunction?

You can call (714) 647-5619 to report a malfunctioning traffic light.

How can I report a street light outage?

To report street lighting problems, you may call (714) 647-3380. Before calling, please identify the street light by either an address or a pole number located on the street side of the pole, approximately seven feet above the sidewalk.

Who do I call to report potholes and damaged sidewalks?

The City maintains a regular street and sidewalk repair and maintenance schedule. Call (714) 647-3380 to report potholes and damaged sidewalks. Crews will make necessary repairs as quickly as possible.

How much are fire hydrant construction meter rental fees?

Meter rental fee is $2.24 per day regardless of use, including Saturday and Sunday. Minimum meter rental fee is five days at $2.24 per day. Deposits will be refunded upon return of undamaged meter and tools, after payment has been deducted for a cost of the water used and daily meter rental fees. All or part of the deposit may be forfeited for failure to pay any bill, reporting meter stolen, failure to return meter, or damage to any meter or tools used by the permittee. Billings and refunds are processed within 4 – 8 weeks from the date meter is returned.

Deposit is subject to current Miscellaneous Fee Schedule.

How can I obtain a permit for fire hydrant construction meter?

Fire hydrant construction meters (FHCMs) are issued when an appointment is made through to complete a permit application form and the following documents are brought to the appointment:

  • A copy of the current business license with the City of Santa Ana;
  • A deposit check made payable to the “City of Santa Ana” in the amount of $2,107.70 (company name on the check has to match the name on the business license);
  • Job location (map of location where meter is to be installed).

Here is an example of an application you will be provided during your appointment.  Be ready to fill it out with the following information:

  • The job location(s);
  • Estimated completion date;
  • Company name and telephone number;
  • Foreman’s name, email, and telephone number;
  • Company business address and City Business License Number.

Once all requirements are met and a permit application is issued, the fire hydrant construction meter (FHCM) will be provided to you at the time of the appointment. Please email to make an appointment and to obtain any additional information.

How can I obtain a street work permit?

Street work is required to be performed by a licensed contractor. The contractor must provide the following information prior to the issuance of the street work permit:

  1. A City of Santa Ana business license
  2. A Certificate of Insurance of general liability containing requirements as set forth by the City Attorney
  3. A contractor’s license (with approved classification).
  4. Proof of Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  5. Two sets of the approved street improvement plans

For additional information, you can call (714) 647-5039.

How can I get a parking permit?

To be eligible for a parking permit, you must live on a qualifying block in a permit parking district. Parking signage is posted within each permit parking district. Permits are processed at the Public Works Agency counter, Monday through Thursday from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM, and alternate Fridays from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM (except holidays), at a cost of $78.00 per permit (as of July 1, 2022).

Permits expire every two years on a common date for each parking district. A maximum of three permits can be issued per single-family home and one permit per multifamily residential unit. To obtain a parking permit, a valid driver’s license, current vehicle registration, and proof of residence are required. Please note that all requested documents must match the eligible address and name on drivers license. Please review our City of Santa Ana Residential Permit Parking Flyer for complete details. Call (714) 647-5623 for additional information.

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