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Construction meters

Construction MetersTemporary water service connections are required where there is a need for construction site water from the City of Santa Ana and there is not a metered and backflow protected connection. Fire hydrant meters (or construction meters) are required to assure the City that the water is being paid for and, more importantly, that our water supply is being protected from contamination. The City of Santa Ana installs, locks on and relocates fire hydrant meters. Meters are read by the City when they are turned in at the end of the project.


You can apply for a construction meter permit by completing this application along with the following:

  • A check made payable to the “City of Santa Ana” totaling the minimum meter rental fee and a refundable deposit.
  • Copy of current City of Santa Ana business license.
  • Job location (map of location where meter is to be installed.) Please contact us when requesting a roaming meter.

Applications are accepted by appointment. Please call (714) 647-3320 to make an appointment and to obtain any additional information.

Fire hydrant meter permits are issued at the Santa Ana Corporate Yard between the 7:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Thursday and every other Friday, except holidays.

Santa Ana Corporate Yard
215 S. Center Street
Santa Ana, CA 92703

Once all requirements are met and a permit is issued, the fire hydrant construction meter will be installed by the City within one business day at the location identified on the application. Roaming meters are handed out at the Corporation Yard.


Equipment deposit

3" meter: $2,096.50 Current.
Estimates provided for larger meters.

Daily rental fee

$2.24 per day regardless of use, including Saturday and Sunday. The minimum meter rental fee is five days at $2.24 per day.

Important information

Deposits will be refunded upon return of undamaged meter and tools, after payment has been deducted for cost of the water used, and meter rental. All or part of the deposit may be forfeited for failure to pay any bill, reporting meter stolen, failure to return meter, or damage to any meter or tools used to the permittee. Billings and refunds are processed 4 – 8 weeks from date meter is returned.

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