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RV parking

About RV parking

The City of Santa Ana’s Municipal Code does not allow RVs to park overnight on city streets. However, there is an RV Permit Parking program which allows RVs to park temporarily to load and unload. Permits may only be issued for up to 3 consecutive days and only up to 72 permits may be issued per calendar year per address. The request must be received by Traffic Engineering at least 7 business days prior to the requested Non-enforcement day. Once the request is approved by Traffic Engineering the Santa Ana Police Department will be notified of the temporary parking date(s) and location and the RV parking permit(s) will be issued to the requestor.

Is there a permit fee?

Currently, there is no fee for the RV parking permits. However, a fee will be established and is anticipated to be in effect by July 1, 2022.

How do you request a RV parking permit?

To obtain an RV parking permit, a request must be placed with Traffic Engineering by phone at (714) 647-5623 or by e-mail at RVPermitParking@santa-ana.org


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