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Sewer plans and documents

Sewer system management plan

[2020 Update]


The Sewer System Management Plan details how the City manages, operates and maintains its sanitary sewer collection system, including City requirements, procedures and programs. The plan was prepared under the supervision of Cesar E. Barrera, P.E. Deputy Public Works Director/Water Resources Manager. Download it here.

Sewer System Management Plan Appendix


Sewer Master Plan



The Sewer Master Plan presents the results and recommendations of the Sewer Master Plan Update for the City of Santa Ana (City). The report was prepared by RMC Water and Environment (RMC) under an agreement with the City of Santa Ana. The plan evaluates the capacity and condition of the City’s sanitary sewer system and establishes the basis for the City’s ten-year sewer system Capital Improvement Program (CIP). Download it here.

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