Sewer rate study

This sewer rate study  presents an overview of the results of the 2019 Water, Recycled Water and Sewer Rate Study (Study) that was conducted for the City of Santa Ana (“City”) by Stantec Consulting and Hildebrand Consulting. The primary objectives of this Study are to:

  • Develop a multi-year financial management plan that provides for the City’s Water and Sewer Enterprise capital funding needs;
  • Identify future rate adjustments to water, recycled water (included as part of the water enterprise fund), and sewer rates that will ensure adequate revenues to meet the respective enterprises’ ongoing financial requirements;
  • Determine the cost of providing water, recycled water, and sewer service to customers using industry accepted methodologies; and
  • Recommend specific rate structures that equitably recover the cost of service while minimizing the financial impact to ratepayers and comporting with industry practices and legal requirements.

The following describes the drivers that initiated the need for this Study, and a general description of the solutions that were used to address those challenges.

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