Plan check

The City of Santa Ana  Public Works is pleased to announce the acceptance of online plan submittal for electronic plan check using  our electronic plan check system ProjectDox.

Public Works Agency Development Engineering (PWA DE) staff performs a variety of plan check functions for all work in the street or public right of way requiring an encroachment permit, including:

  • Street improvement plans
  • Utility and other excavation plans
  • Water, sewer, and storm drain plans
  • Traffic control plans for lane closures and sidewalk closures


Public Works Agency Development Engineering staff also reviews plans associated with a grading permit, including:

  • Grading and site drainage plans
  • Storm Water Quality Management Plans

Depending on the complexity of the plans and the type of infrastructure being constructed or affected by proposed construction, the plan submission will be reviewed by additional groups or individuals within the City, including the Water Resources Division, Traffic Engineering, CIP Engineering, and City Engineer. When all involved divisions have given preliminary approval, PWA DE will deem the plans approved.

Plan check approvals expire one year after date that the plans are deemed approved by the PWA DE section. Applicants seeking re-approval of plans must apply for a new plan check, and the plan submission will be reviewed to consider factors including, but not limited to, changed site conditions, and updated codes, standards and guidelines.

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