Street tree services

Tree City USA history

Tree City USA SignThe City of Santa Ana has been a part of the Tree City USA program for 20 years, since it was first recognized in 1999. The Tree City Copy of 99 Tree PlantedUSA is an annual, renewable designation that means the city has:

  • Established a Tree Board—The Environmental Transportation Advisory Committee, made up of council appointees who provide oversight on tree planting programs.
  • Established a Tree Care Ordinance—In 1999, the City adopted its Tree Care Ordinance which provides guidelines for maintaining a healthy urban forest.
  • Celebrated Arbor Day annually.
  • Established a Community Forestry Program with an annual budget of at least $2 per capita.

About tree program

Tree program is crucial to the look, feel, and health of our community. The City spends $2.6 million per year on its tree programs. This includes purchasing, planting, and maintaining all City-owned trees. Employees in the tree section keep our urban forest of 60,000 trees healthy and attractive. Tree planting is typically scheduled in the fall months to provide trees with the optimal weather for successful growth. If you have any questions or need assistance with City trees please feel free to contact the Maintenance Services Division at (714) 647-3380.

Devastating threat to California trees

Two exotic, invasive beetles are causing increasingly extensive damage to Southern California's urban trees, native and riparian forests, and avocado groves. Thousands of severely affected trees have died or been removed in both natural and landscaped areas. For additional information visit University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources.

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