Traffic control

Our Public Works Agency Development Engineering staff checks the compliance of all traffic control plans within City of Santa Ana right of way. We use latest versions of the publications for each of the following agencies:  Federal Government (MUTCD), State Government (CA MUTCD, WATCH, Caltrans Standard Plans), and Local Government standards and policies (Green Book, City of Santa Ana Standard Plans and specs).

The following is a list of types of traffic control plans that we plan check:

  • Midblock lane closure
  • Full street closure (usually will require a detour plan)
  • Sidewalk closure (usually will require a pedestrian detour plan)
  • Shoulder/parking lane closure (requires posting temporary no stopping any time signs and neighborhood notification 4 days prior to closure)
  • Bike lane closure (requires bike detour)
  • Parade and special event street closures (may require special event permit)

Guidelines in preparing traffic control plans

  1. Plan size to be 11” x 17”.
  2. Minimum 1” font size.
  3. Plan must be site specific.
  4. See City Standard plan 1125F for further guidelines.
  5. Provide two copies.
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