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Public Works Agency Development Engineering staff receives, distributes and reviews plans showing construction work including repair, realignment or other improvements to street infrastructure such as asphalt or concrete roadway pavement, curb and gutter, sidewalk, driveways, access ramps, trees and street lights. The street work may be a requirement of a land development project or otherwise initiated by a project proponent, such as a property owner, community group, or other interested party.

Street improvement plan guidelines 

The plans will be reviewed and approved by the appropriate divisions of PWA. After approval, your contractor can apply for a street work permit to construct the improvements shown on the plans.

Street improvement plans

Plans include curb and gutter, sidewalk, drive approach, paving, median landscaping and irrigation, alley, storm drain, water, sewer, traffic signal, traffic control, street striping, and other related improvements in the public right of way.


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