Fire hydrant flow testing

City employee opening fire extinguisher and releasing waterA fire flow test provides pressure and flow data at specific fire hydrants within the City’s water distribution system for engineers, developers, and irrigation design companies. The data can be used to assess the pressure and flow available for fire protection, sprinkler system design, mainline design, and proper sizing of domestic and/or fire service lines.


Here is what is required to schedule a fire flow test in the City of Santa Ana:


  • Fire flow tests must be performed by a certified fire protection contractor or company, upon request by the project’s representatives. The City’s Water Resources Division staff must be present for the test.
  • Fire flow tests must be scheduled with the City's Water Resources Division at least one week in advance by emailing
  • A minimum of two representatives from the fire flow testing contractor or company must be present in order to perform the fire flow test.
  • The fire flow testing contractor or company must provide proof of a City Business License and General Liability Insurance with the City of Santa Ana, prior to start of the test.
  • The fire flow test can only be performed from the 2 ½” port (not the main port).
  • The City’s Water Division staff will only witness the test and sign off on the pitot tube reading & residual psi at the time of the test.
  • The City Water Quality Division must receive a copy of the test upon its completion.
  • A diffuser with a slot for de-chlorination tablets must be used by the contractor on the flowing fire hydrant. No other diffusers will be allowed. De-chlorination must be used.

If any of the above requirements are not met, the fire flow will be cancelled and re-scheduled to a later date.

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