Construction and demolition waste services

Republic Services offers a variety of temporary construction and demolition (C&D) bin disposal services for your home renovation project. Call (657) 467-6220 to order a bin.

CalGreen C&D recycling requirements

CalGreen requires certain C&D projects to recycle and/or salvage for reuse a minimum of 65 percent of the non-hazardous C&D waste. Republic Services can provide C&D bins in a variety of sizes, which will achieve your CalGreen recycling compliance. Call (657) 467-6220 to order a C&D bin.

Temporary bins for household cleanups

Temporary bins are a great option if you are doing a home, garage or backyard clean-up project and you have more than will fit in your carts. To order a 3-yard temporary bin, call (657) 467-6220.

Find the right bin size

3-yard bin (80" L x 42" W x 46" H)

Capacity: 18 standard trash bags

Good for temporary home clean-ups

10-yard roll-off (12’8” L x 8’3” W x 4’4” H)

Capacity: 60 standard trash bags

Good for construction projects with heavier materials

30-yard roll-off (23’1” L x 8’ W x 6’1” H)

Capacity: 180 standard trash bags

Good for large remodels and bulk materials

3-yard waste/recycling bin
10-Yard waste/recycling bin
30-Yard waste/recycling bin
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