Sewer services


The City’s Public Works Agency is responsible for maintaining the citywide water and sewer system. The agency serves a population of 330,920 people and is responsible for maintaining 390 miles of sewer main, 7,000 sewer manholes, two sewage lift stations, and two force mains.

The majority of the City’s sewer mains range from 6” - 12” in diameter, with several as large as 21” in diameter, the majority of which is proactively cleaned on an annual basis. Additionally, the City provides customer service, identifies illegal connections to the sewer system, and addresses sewer blockages. The City is not responsible for maintaining the 46,000 private sewer laterals. However, the City does offer complimentary repairs for sewer laterals.

Please email or call 714-647-3320 for any questions or general inquiries regarding our sanitary sewer system.

These design guidelines and construction standards provide the technical information necessary for designing and constructing City of Santa Ana water and sewer facilities.

What is the most common culprit for blocked sewers? Fats, oils, and grease or "FOG". Learn about our FOG Program and how you can help.

Learn about what to do in the event of a sewer spill.

Download our latest study that analyzes the cost of service, design of our rate structure, and multi-year financial plan to sustain the City's sewer system.

Learn about how the City manages, operates, and maintains the City's sanitary sewer collection system.

Find helpful tips, links, and downloadable documents for in-depth information about your sewer system, public safety, and environmental protection.

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