Swimming lessons

Swimming Lesson

Two-week sessions include 8 (30-minute) lessons, Monday - Thursday

Locations: El Salvador Center · Jerome Center · Salgado Center · Memorial Center

Class times: 11:10am - 1:00pm and 4:15pm - 6:45pm

Price per session:

  • $55 residents
  • $65 non-residents
  • Online registration: credit cards accepted
  • In-person registration: checks and money orders  only

All lessons are taught by your friendly and certified Santa Ana Parks & Recreation staff instructors, and follow American Red Cross (ARC)  guidelines. All swimming lessons will also have an active Santa Ana Parks & Recreation lifeguard on duty.

For more questions and more information, call the Aquatics Office at (714) 571-4261.

Registration dates



Registration opens 

Session 1 June 5 - June 15 May 22 *Updated*

Session 2

June 19 - June 29 June 9

Session 3

July  3 - July 13



June 23

Session 4 July 17 - July 27 July 7
Session 5 July 31 - August 10 July 21

Online registration for all lessons in each session, will open 10 days prior to the session start date. The first session of the summer will open registration earlier on May 22.

Swim lessons levels

Parent and Me (ages 6 months - 3 years):

Big Fish Lil Fish (10 students per lesson)
  • Guardian required in water for each swimmer
  • Class focused on water acclimation and exploration
  • Swim diapers required

Preschool Aquatics (ages 4 - 5 years):

Jellyfish (5 students per lesson)
  • Children ready to independently learn basic water safety skills with the support of an instructor

Learn to Swim (ages 6-17 years):

L2S Level 1 – Pufferfish (6 students per lesson)
  • Beginning swimmers starting to get comfortable in the water
L2S Level 2 – Sea Turtles (6 students per lesson)
  • Intermediate swimmers who can float and swim independently
  • Lessons focus on stroke technique
L2S Level 3 – River Otters (8 students per lesson)
  • Advanced swimmers who can swim the full length of the pool
  • Lessons focus on refining stroke technique

Adult, teen, and private swim lessons:

  • Limited availability and not built into the regular 2023 summer aquatics menu of services, but can be scheduled based on potential availability.
  • Please contact the aquatics main line for accommodations (714) 571-4261

Summer 2023 lessons times, levels, and locations

*See level breakdown above for clarification on age ranges and skill-level

Level & Ages








Big Fish Lil Fish (Parent & Me) Salgado, Jerome Salgado Salgado, Jerome, El Salvador Salgado Salgado, Jerome Salgado, El Salvador Salgado, Jerome
Jellyfish (Preschool) Salgado, Jerome, El Salvador Salgado, Jerome, El Salvador Salgado, Jerome, El Salvador Salgado, Jerome, El Salvador, Memorial Salgado, Jerome, Memorial Salgado, Jerome, El Salvador Salgado, Jerome, El Salvador
Pufferfish (L2S - 1) Salgado, Jerome, El Salvador Salgado, Jerome, El Salvador Salgado, Jerome Salgado, Jerome, El Salvador, Memorial Salgado, Jerome, El Salvador, Memorial Salgado, Jerome, El Salvador Salgado, Jerome
Sea Turtles (L2S - 2) El Salvador Jerome Jerome, El Salvador Jerome, El Salvador Jerome, El Salvador, Memorial Jerome Jerome, El Salvador
River Otters (L2S - 3) Jerome Jerome, El Salvador Jerome, Memorial El Salvador Jerome El Salvador


Summer 2023 youth swim scholarships

Thanks to the CitAmerican Red Cross logo + 100 years of water safetyy's partnership with the American Red Cross, youth swim scholarships will be available for qualifying Santa Ana residents this summer! Approved applicants will be granted $40 scholarships to be applied to the total cost of swimming lessons per session. Scholarships funds are limited to the first 350 applications.

In-person applications are available at El Salvador Center, Jerome Center, and Salgado Center. Scholarship applications will be made available on-site during opening registration date for each swim session. Complete the application on-site with your Santa Ana Parks and Recreation staff who will verify proof of income and residency. One application is required per family per session. Please bring a copy of  either your pay stub or W-2 as proof of income.

Household income requirements:

Household size 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Annual income $33,874 $42,606 $51,338 $60,070 $68,802 $77,534 $86,266


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