Parks and Recreation mascots

Checkout the newest members joining the City of Santa Ana's Parks, Recreation and Community Services Agency!

We are excited to announce our three new mascots joining the team in January 2024 and we need your help in giving them all names.  After months of research, the agency selected the three mascots that best embodied the spirit of Parks and Recreation to LIVE, LEARN, and EXPLORE. These mascots will bring another element of excitement to all our Santa Ana Parks and Recreation events and are a part of the City's past, present, and future.  In addition keep an eye out for these mascots at the Santa Ana Winter Village as we host the Merry Mascots Instagram Contest, where winners can win a grand prize valued at over $500. Meet your new mascots:

Red-crowned amazon


Mascot #1: red-crowned amazon parrot

A red-crowned amazon parrot, famous for it's bright green feathers, prominent red forehead and widely recognized for flying all over Santa Ana. These parrots usually travel in large flocks and love to squawk in the morning and evening. Keep an eye out for them all across Santa Ana or visit them at the Santa Ana Zoo.


Golden-headed lion tamarin mascot


Mascot #2: golden-headed lion tamarin

A golden-headed lion tamarin, such as the one that lives here at the Santa Ana Zoo. These rare monkeys are best known for their lion-like mane of golden fur surrounding their faces and hands, as well as their small stature.



Giant river otter


Mascot #3: giant-river otter

A giant-river otter, a social animal who loves to swim and who will be joining the Santa Ana Zoo in the future. These otters are notorious for their dense-fur, wing-like tails, and webbed feet.

Vote to name the new mascots

We need your help naming our newest Parks and Recreation team members. Vote for your favorite names below or make your own name suggestions. Voting ends on Sunday, December 17, 2023. Stay tuned for results in 2024.


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Mascot #1: Choose your favorite name for the red-crowned amazon parrot

Mascot #2: Choose your favorite name for the golden-headed lion tamarin

Mascot #3: Choose your favorite name for the giant-river otter

Official mascot names will be introduced in the new year with new names on January 1, 2024. Follow us on our social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook to see if your favorite names were selected.

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