Meet the mascots

Meet the Santa Ana CommuniTEAM!

Checkout the newest members of Santa Ana's Parks, Recreation and Community Services Agency now known as the CommuniTEAM.  After months of research, the agency selected the three mascots that have habitats at the Santa Ana Zoo and best embodied the spirit of Parks and Recreation to LIVE, LEARN, and EXPLORE. These mascots will bring another element of excitement to Santa Ana Parks and Recreation events and programs as they are a part of the City's past, present, and future. Meet your new mascots:

Paco the parrot

Paco the red-crowned amazon parrot

Known as the “life of the party" with their larger than life squawk, you can catch this amazon parrot soaring over all of Santa Ana’s parks and facilities with their bright green feathers and prominent red forehead. In order to stay in shape, Paco joins the athletics team with the Santa Ana Moves program. While they can thrive in a boisterous zoo environment, Paco enjoys taking a step back from the hustle and bustle by relaxing at the library. With the CommuniTEAM as their flock, they help make every city event and program one no one wants to miss.


Tamarindo the tamarinTamarindo (Tami) the golden-headed lion tamarin monkey

Only getting better with time, this golden-headed lion tamarin has been monkeying around at the Santa Ana Zoo since 1949! Tamarindo’s favorite activities include swinging from habitat to habitat, while educating the public of all his zoo mates at community events. As an omnivore, Tami likes digging around the community gardens to find new ingredients to include in their next dinner recipe that they found in a cookbook from the library. Find Tamarindo with the CommuniTEAM at the next city event!



Ollie the otter

Ollie the giant-river otter

This giant river otter will not only find a new home at an upcoming habitat at the Santa Ana Zoo, but loves diving into reading at the Santa Ana Public Library. When Ollie isn’t lost in a book, find them playing a tune on the guitar or designing projects to 3D print. As Ollie has a natural talent for swimming, this “Lobo del Rio” enjoys helping the CommuniTEAM navigate through the world of aquatics. Look forward to seeing Ollie at a future city event near you!

Thank you for voting to name the new mascots

After a full month of community engagement, the new mascots received thousands of votes for different names. Thank you for participating and helping decide the names for the Santa Ana CommuniTEAM!

The official mascots are starting the 2024 new year with new names. Follow us on our social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook to catch your newly named CommuniTEAM at different events and facilities throughout Santa Ana.
Paco the parrot painting
Paco the parrot with basketball
Tamarindo the tamarin monkey swinging
Tamarindo the tamarin monkey holding a chameleon
Ollie the otter with swim goggles
Ollie the otter with swim goggles
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