Adult 5v5 soccer

Adult Soccer League

Ready to kick off the season? The City of Santa Ana will soon be introducing a 5v5 soccer league! Participants will be able to play in an 8-game season, plus playoffs, and compete for a championship.

League dates and information

  • 8 game season, plus playoffs.
  • Season Starts: January 9 & 11, 2024
  • Games played at Cesar Chavez Campesino Park - Lay's Mini Pitch
  • $60 per player / $600 for a team of 10
  • Men's Div: Tuesday nights starting 6:00pm                 Women's Div: Thursday Nights starting at 6:00pm

Registration Process

  • Registration available online November 28 - December 30.
  • Head coach or team manager is responsible for registering the team
    • Once the team is registered, head coach or team manager will send out invitations to individual team members to complete their registration as a part of the team.
    • All participants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Once the team registration is complete, coaches will receive a follow up confirmation email with details for a coaches meeting.

For additional information, please contact Santa Ana Athletics at (714) 571-4264 or email

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