Animal Services

Contacting Animal Services

Animal Services will help you with the following

  • File a complaint about an animal
  • Report a dead animal
  • Report stray or roaming animals

Animal Services can be reached at (714) 245-8792 or by email at

Animal Services DOES NOT help with the following

  • Trap or transport wild cats or feral cats
  • Deal with wildlife such as; coyotes, raccoons, opossums, ducks or ducklings, bird nests, or bees
  • Transport live wildlife
  • Trap wildlife (California Code Regulation 679 (4) states you need to release a wild animal that you intentionally trapped)

City Ordinance

It is hereby declared to be a nuisance for any person to keep, maintain or permit on any lot, parcel of land, or premises under his/her control any animal, including a barking dog as defined in subsection 5-1(q), within the city limits which is in the habit of either disturbing the peace and quiet of any person within the city or interfering with any person in the reasonable and comfortable enjoyment of life or property. Every day a violation exists shall be regarded as a new and separate offense.

(Ord. No. NS-1020, § 1, 7-6-70; Ord. No. NS-2134, § 21, 7-1-91; Ord. No. NS-2818, § 2, 5-2-11)

(a) Any enforcement officer has the authority to issue an administrative citation pursuant to the procedures set forth in sections 1-21.1—1-21.9 of this Code to any responsible person for a noisy animal, including a barking dog, violation that the enforcement officer did not see or hear based upon a complaint signed under penalty of perjury lodged by a member of the community who has been disturbed by the noisy animal or barking dog. All noisy animal or barking dog complaints shall be lodged with the Santa Ana Police Department.

(b) Prior to issuing the administrative citation to the responsible person the enforcement officer shall send a warning notice via first class mail or shall personally serve upon the responsible person a warning notice giving the responsible person ten (10) days from the date of mailing or date of personal service in which to abate the public nuisance caused by the noisy animal or barking dog.

(c) The administrative citation shall contain the information set forth in section 1-21.5 of this Code.

(d) The responsible person shall have the right to appeal the administrative citation as set forth in section 1-21.8 of this Code.

(e) The procedures established in this section may be in addition to criminal civil or any other legal remedy established by law which may be pursued to address violations of the Municipal Code.

(Ord. No. NS-2818, § 3, 5-2-11)

Written complaints may be made by any person to the animal control officer alleging that any dog or other animal is a nuisance by reason of:

(1) Noise (as set forth in section 5-59 hereof);

(2) Nonrestraint (as set forth in sections 5-14 and 5-58 hereof);

(3) Viciousness (as set forth in section 5-72 hereof); or

(4) Due to the destruction or molestation of property by such dog or animal.


Such written complaint must be signed by at least two (2) unrelated persons over the age of eighteen (18) years and shall set forth:

(1) The names and addresses of the complainants;

(2) The reasons for the complaint;

(3) The name and address of the owner of the dog;

(4) The time and place the acts complained of occurred; and

(5) A listing of any damages which resulted, if any.

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