Uniform crime reporting statistics

Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) is a nationwide, collective effort by law enforcement agencies to present a standardized view of crime.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) established the standards on how crimes should be categorized and counted.  The Santa Ana Police Department analyzes the relevant crime data and then provides the calculated statistical reports to the California Department of Justice for inclusion in state and national crime data.  Additional information and tools related to the UCR program can be found at the FBI and Department of Justice websites.

This monthly report contains the key crime metrics reported in the UCR report and compares them to previous periods (i.e. month to month and year to date).

Monthly report

Categorization of crimes

The categorization of crimes is a complex process that involves analyzing the specific circumstances of each crime.  Below is a list of the types of crimes that are included in each category.

Category Included crimes
Homicide Murder; negligent manslaughter; non-negligent manslaughter
Rape Rape by force, fear, drug, or victim otherwise unable to give consent; sexual assault on a minor; other sexual assaults
Robbery Armed robbery; robbery by force or fear; carjacking
Assault Assault by a weapon, force, or chemical; assault of a spouse/cohabitant; physical assault of a child; shooting at an inhabited dwelling or vehicle; kidnapping; less severe sexual assaults; criminal threats; stalking; extortion
Burglary Forcible entry and theft from a building
Larceny Taking of money or property without the use of force or fear; shoplifting; vehicle burglary
Auto theft Theft of a motor vehicle
Arson Arson its various forms


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