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Community-oriented policing leadership

Since The 1970s, the Santa Ana Police Department has incorporated the Community Oriented Policing (COP) philosophy as part of our traditions and principles to reduce crime.

Community Oriented Policing (COP) is a policing philosophy based on several key values and beliefs:

  • COP considers that the mission of the police is to provide professional, disciplined policing services designed to ensure the safety and security of our community
  • COP embraces two key policing strategies: Response to Incidents and Problem Oriented Policing
  • COP balances the use of these two strategies through careful, continuous analysis of activity patterns that permit a different police response to different community needs
  • COP requires the professional commitment and creative involvement of every member of the police department, associated public and private agencies and members of the community
  • COP recognizes that, regardless of a person’s socio-economic status, race, national origin, language, age or religion, each person has a right to high quality police services
    COP also recognizes that crime and disorder are only part of the many issues that police have to deal with in a complex and dynamic city
  • COP is a philosophy by which all police services are provided to the community, including all the following fundamental police functions:
    • Responding to the public’s call for police assistance
    • Enforcing the law
    • Maintaining order in the community
    • Providing emergency services
    • Preventing crime
    • Investigating criminal activity
    • Arresting and interviewing offenders
    • Collecting and analyzing evidence
    • Assisting with the prosecution of offenders
    • Testifying in court
    • Incarcerating offenders and managing the jail
    • Traffic management and services
    • Organized crime intelligence gathering and investigation
    • Vice control
    • Investigating drug related crimes
    • White collar crime
    • Juvenile crime
    • Dispute resolution
    • Community education
    • Providing information and referral
    • Special event management
    • Providing police service for special community circumstances
    • Working with other law enforcement agencies at the local, state and federal levels

Strategic Plan

Read our Strategic Plan to find out exactly how we're  implementing Community Oriented Policing into our everyday work.

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