Use of force report

The use of force by law enforcement personnel is a matter of critical concern, both to the public and to the law enforcement community. Officers are involved on a daily basis in numerous and varied interactions and, when warranted, may use reasonable force in carrying out their duties.

The Department recognizes and respects the value of all human life and dignity without prejudice to anyone. Vesting officers with the legal authority to use reasonable force and to protect the public welfare requires monitoring, evaluation and a careful balancing of all interests. This monthly report, rooted in transparency, is being provided to inform the community of our activities as it relates to use of force encounters.

Monthly reports

Critical incident community briefing videos

Force options

  • Take Down: When an officer causes a subject to go to the ground by the use of a structured technique or other means (i.e. tackle, push, and trip).
  • Control Hold: The application of force on a subject to control their resistive movements. This can be accomplished through structured techniques or by body weight.
  • Punch: The use of the hands as striking weapons.
  • Taser: The use of a conducted energy weapon to cause temporary neuromuscular incapacitation.
  • Personal Body Weapon: The use of other part of the body (elbows, knees, head) as striking weapons.
  • Carotid: Technique in which the arms of the officer are encircled around a subject’s neck and pressure is applied to the carotid arteries, restricting blood flow to the brain, ultimately causing unconsciousness.
  • Canine: The use of a police dog trained to locate a suspect.
  • Impact Weapon: The use of a police baton.
  • RIPP Hobble: The application of two RIPP Hobbles on a subject to achieve maximum restraint while ensuring maximum safety to the restrained.
  • Improvised Weapon: The use of a non-traditional weapon such as a radio.
  • Leg Restraints: The application of a device to restrain a person’s legs.
  • Firearm: The use of a firearm during a deadly force encounter.
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