Jail Operations Division

The Santa Ana Jail Operations Division is responsible for providing safe and secure housing of inmates.

The safety and security of staff and inmates is accomplished under the direction of four Correctional Supervisors, one responsible for each of our four shifts and the Jail Security supervisor. These supervisors ensure staff compliance with the Principles of Direct Supervision, California Code of Regulations Title 15, California Penal Code, Departmental policies, and laws that apply specifically to jail operations.

Jail Operations advances the Department’s goals of community safety by fulfilling the Community Oriented Policing (COP) fundamental police functions of incarcerating offenders. Information collected regarding criminal behavior is not only a key element in maintaining a safe and secure jail environment but it also provides crucial intelligence for police in crime prevention and prosecution efforts. The Jail is a Type II facility with the flexibility to service the varying incarceration needs of the department and the community.


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