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The Police Records Division is responsible for all Police Department records. Their timely and dedicated support of other divisions is an important component in ensuring the Department remains responsive to the community. They are often the first contact citizens have when they arrive at the Department. Their courteous and professional demeanor is critical in providing the community with timely police records.

Assisting the public is a core function of the Records staff; however there are a variety of other duties they perform on a daily basis which include: The processing and distribution of all police and public records pertaining to public safety activities and report of Uniform Crime Reports Statistics to the Federal Bureau of Investigations – U.S. Department of Justice.

The Police Records Division process over 500,000 documents annually.

The mission of the Records Division is to maintain the integrity of department records and to provide information and assistance in a courteous, responsive and professional manner. Despite these challenging times, this mission was accomplished through the efforts of an exceptional and dedicated staff.

Report requests FAQs

Who can request a copy of a report?

  •  The victim of a crime or a person who is listed in the report (excluding the suspect/arrestee).
  •  Arrestees and named suspects may only obtain a copy of a police report as part of the court discovery process.
Police reports requested by non-involved parties are generally not subject to release under the CPRA pursuant to Government Code 7923.600(a).

Who can request a copy of a traffic collision report?

  • Parties involved in a traffic collision or their insurance companies.
  • Report on collisions resulting in a fatality require traffic investigator approval and may be submitted to the Records Division directly.


  • BWC footage related to traffic investigations can generally be released to involved parties or their attorneys pursuant to VC 20012. These requests can be made online via the Request a Report portal or via the form available in the lobby.
  • Requests for BWC footage that are SB1421 related or otherwise exempt should be made via the NextRequest portal.
In general, BWC footage is not released if it is related to an investigation pursuant to Government Code 7923.600(a)

911 Audio

  • Involved parties, (excluding the suspect/arrestee) may request 911 audio.
  • Records Request form or Request a Report submission, ID and payment are required.
*** Note audio is only retained for 180 days.

Criminal History

  • If you would like to view your own criminal history, you must contact the Office of the Attorney General. More information can be found on their website.
  • Local Criminal History Check - English / Spanish

Crime Stats

  • Crime Stats are available on the FBI Crime Data Explorer
  • More specific and specialized statistical reports can be generated upon request but may be subject to programming costs which are $55 per hour.
    • The number of hours required varies based on the complexity of the request. Requests could be submitted via NextRequest portal.

Any and all documents that are released may be subject to redaction in order to protect confidential, sensitive, or investigative information.


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