Jail frequently asked questions

Q: Can I present expired identification to visit an inmate?
A: No.

Q: Can I drop off books or magazines for an inmate?
A: Magazines must arrive directly from the publisher.

Q: Can I drop off a package of hygiene items for an inmate?
A: No, hygiene items are provided by the facility. Hygiene items may also be purchased through commissary.

Q: What happens to an inmate's property that is transferred out of the facility?
A: The inmate may release the property to a designated person prior to being transferred or within 90 days of transfer/release. If the property is not released, it is disposed of 90 days after the date of release/transfer.

Q: Can I drop off prescription glasses or contact lenses for an inmate?
A: Yes, prescription glasses and contact lenses may be dropped off at the jail lobby during lobby hours. In either case, the lenses must be prescription and contain no tint or color. Cleaning solution is provided by the facility.

Q: Can an inmate sign official documentation, such as titles and child custody forms, while in custody?
A: Yes, a process server or third party should be utilized in certain cases.

Q: How much money can an inmate have on their account?
A: $2,000

Q: Can inmate's clothes be exchanged?
A: Clothing exchanges are completed under court order or by obtaining authorization from the Chief of Security. Exchanges are done on weekends.

Q: What are your sex, narcotic and arson registration hours?
A: You may complete your registration requirements only Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM. You will be asked to present a form of government issued photo identification. You should minimize the amount of personal property you bring with you to the jail. You may want to secure your personal property in your vehicle or in one of the lockers made available by the jail.

Q: How do I know if my friend is at the Santa Ana Jail?
A: The Santa Ana Jail houses persons arrested within the Santa Ana City limits.  You can obtain additional information by contacting the Santa Ana Jail at (714) 245-8100.

If the person you are attempting to locate was arrested outside of the Santa Ana City limits or at the Orange County Superior Court you should contact police department that arrested the individual or the Orange County Jail at (714) 647-4666 for additional information.

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