Most wanted

The Santa Ana Police Department values working with Santa Ana's diverse communities to ensure the safety and security of our neighborhoods. The Santa Ana Police Department is actively seeking the following wanted persons. Do not attempt to apprehend these persons yourself. If you know where any of these persons are, call the Santa Ana Police Department at (714) 245-8665 or your local law enforcement agency.

John Figueroa

Attempt to LocateJohn Figueroa a Parolee at Large who committed several armed robberies using a Tec-22 style sub-machine gun.

Jesus Canales

Wanted for Murder: In the summer of 2011 Suspect Jesus Canales, was identified as being responsible for shooting a male victim in front of his residence. Click here for more information.

Jose Gasca

Wanted for Murder: During the summer of 2009, a gang-related homicide occurred in the city of Santa Ana. Jose Gasca is wanted for questioning. Click here for more information.

Michael Manzo

Wanted for Murder: On 05/15/11, Michael Manzo was involved in a gang related homicide that occurred in the city of Santa Ana. Click here for more information.

Andres "Andy" Diaz

Wanted for Murder: Andres “Andy” Diaz has an arrest warrant for a gang-related homicide. Click here for more information.

Ezequiel Jauregui Gonzalez

Wanted for Murder: Ezequiel Jauregui Gonzalez has an arrest warrant for murder which occurred October 31, 2008. Click here for more information.

Martin Barrios Perez

Wanted for Murder: Martin Barrios Perez has an arrest warrant for murder.

Fernando Ramirez Garcia

Wanted for Attempted Murder of a Police Officer: Fernando Ramirez Garcia is wanted in connection with the shooting of a Santa Ana Police Officer. Click here for more information.

Ranferi Macedo

Wanted for MurderRanferi Macedo is wanted in connection with a homicide that occurred in October 2004. Click here for more information.

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