Administration Bureau

The Administration Bureau, under the command of Deputy Chief Enrique Esparza, oversees Budget/Human Resources Division, Training, Records, Communications and Information Services.

The Bureau is responsible for the Communications Center which is often a point of first contact with the community in providing emergency and non-emergency services. The Administration Bureau has been intensely focused on recruiting and hiring the highest caliber employees for sworn police officer positions as well as civilian staff.

The mission of the Administration Bureau is to provide quality service and support to our fellow Department members and to the citizens of Santa Ana. The Administration Bureau performs a variety of services in the areas of budget management, information technology, and logistical support. Each Division within the Bureau provides specific community services to our members, both sworn and civilian, and to the citizens of Santa Ana.

Bureau Command Staff


The Police Administrative Services and Budget Division provides a wide range of fiscal and support services to more than 600 sworn and professional staff.  The division is also responsible for the Department’s equipment, supplies, and facilities.  The Police Administrative Services and Budget Division consists of three sections that provide these support services, including Fiscal and Budget, Central Distribution Center, and Building and Facility.  In addition, the division provides general administrative support, manages the Police Department’s Request for Council Action (RFCA) process, and manages the Department’s agreement tracking and renewal process.

Fiscal and Budget

The Fiscal Section provides the fiscal support necessary to operate a police department.  Fiscal staff strives to provide the highest quality customer service in all fiscal related matters.  The Fiscal Section performs all payroll, accounting, budget, and purchasing related activities for the Police Department.  This includes management of the General Fund budget, various grants, and the Department’s special revenue funds.

Central Distribution Center (CDC)

The Central distribution Center (CDC) provides equipment and logistical support to all Police Department operations.  CDC oversees the Department’s 228 City-owned vehicles and 42 lease vehicles, and coordinates the maintenance, repair and replacement of all Department vehicles.   In addition, CDC is responsible for purchasing, receiving and issuance of all Department equipment including guns, vests, uniforms, and all other supplies and equipment. CDC also maintains an inventory of all equipment issued to employees.

Building and Facility

The Building and Facility Section is responsible for the Department’s facilities, which includes the 236,300 square foot Police Admin Building and 168,400 square foot Jail Facility. The Police Administrative Building and Jail Facility are conjoined by a large Community Room available for public meetings.  These facilities are now over 20 years old. The flexible, functional, and open design continue to contribute towards operational efficiencies and the Police Department’s recruitment efforts. The City’s Building and Maintenance Division provides the technical building staff needed to maintain the Department’s complex facilities.

Training Division/Human Resources

The Training Division provides high quality, professional training in an effort to save lives, prevent injury and improve the operational effectiveness of the Department. Effective delivery of training is the cornerstone of our mission to ensure our officers have the highest level of training to support the community we serve. The Department’s Mission, Vision, and Values and the City’s Strategic Plan are used as guiding principles when setting priorities.

Recruitment / Join Santa Ana PD

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Records Division

The Police Records Division is responsible for all Police Department records. Their timely and dedicated support of other divisions is an important component in ensuring the Department remains responsive to the community. They are often the first contact citizens have when they arrive at the Department. Their courteous and professional demeanor is critical in providing the community with timely police records. Assisting the public is a core function of the Records staff; however there are a variety of other duties they perform on a daily basis which include: The processing and distribution of all police and public records pertaining to public safety activities and report of Uniform Crime Reports Statistics to the Federal Bureau of Investigations – U.S. Department of Justice.

The Police Records Division process over 500,000 documents annually.

The mission of the Records Division is to maintain the integrity of department records and to provide information and assistance in a courteous, responsive and professional manner. Despite these challenging times, this mission was accomplished through the efforts of an exceptional and dedicated staff.


The Property and Facilities Division provides a wide range of support services to the Police Department and its more than 700 full and part time employees.

The Evidence Unit is responsible for the secure storage and lawful release and disposal of the following items held in police custody:

  • All evidence
  • Found property
  • Property held for safekeeping
  • Recovered property

To obtain property from Evidence, return the completed Request for Return of Property Form to the Desk Officer at the Evidence Unit Office. Confiscated and unclaimed items are auctioned to the public via If you are interested, contact the internet auctioneer.

Communications Division

The Communications Division is comprised of two sections: Communications and the Telephone Reporting Unit.

The Communications Unit handles both emergency and non-emergency calls for service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and plays a pivotal role in the Department’s efforts to meet the increasing demands for police services.  As the first point of contact, personnel answer approximately 450 emergency (9-1-1) calls daily, ensuring emergency resources are dispatched rapidly and efficiently.  State-of-the-art technology makes it possible for staff to provide for the needs of the hearing impaired and the ability to handle calls in over 140 different languages.  In the future, Next Generation (NG911) technology will transform how callers will access emergency services, via text, photo and video.

The Telephone Reporting Unit serves as a key component for handling reports from victims reporting crimes over the phone.  This allows police officers to respond to priority incidents and engage with the community on problem-solving strategies.  In 2014, the Telephone Reporting Unit handled 3,600 police reports over the phone and over 2,000 on line (E-reports).

Emergency Management and Special Events Division

The Emergency Management and Special Events Division coordinates efforts among all city departments, other jurisdictions within our Operational Area (Orange County), multiple disciplines (Police / Fire / Emergency Management), as well as public and private sector stakeholders. The Emergency Management and Special Events Division staff are also responsible for the acquisition and management of homeland security grants. In addition, the UASI Grant Office manages the ReadyOC campaign, the If You See Something, Say Something campaign, the countywide Tactical Emergency Casualty Care course and the countywide Active Shooter Response training.

Information Services

The Information Systems Division supports the various computerized systems used throughout the Santa Ana Police Department. This includes the Computer Aided Dispatch used in our 9-1-1 center, mobile computers in police cars and Department desktops. In addition to supporting existing systems, the Information Systems Division also leads the Department in the innovative use of technology in order to be as effective and efficient as possible. In some cases, they develop technical solutions and applications in-house. In other instances, they work with sections of the Department that have a particular need and help to evaluate commercially provided systems. Throughout all their efforts, the Information Services Division personnel actively work to serve Department staff so that the Santa Ana Police Department can better serve the community.

The Computer Services Section evaluates, purchases and installs hardware and software technology, maintaining over 100 windows terminals, multiple servers, 400 stand-alone computers, 150 laptops and a myriad of additional desktop devices 24 hours a day. Computer Services strives to bring relevant and necessary information to the patrol officer in the field as well as all operational and support personnel in furtherance of the Chief of Police’s Technological Policing philosophy.

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