Feral/Stray Cats

For more details about information regarding feral/stray cats, please visit: alleycat.org

What to do if you find kittens

Kitten season primarily occurs in the spring and summer, although kittens are born year-round. In order to prevent unnecessary abandonment, please do not disturbStray Kittens the kittens. The mother cat will not approach her kittens if you are within close proximity of her nest. As a survival tactic, the mother cat will move her kittens numerous times with the first weeks and may be in the process of moving them to a better suited location. The mother cat will also need to leave the kittens in order to feed or relieve herself. If you have not seen the mother cat within a 24 hour period, contact our office at (714) 245-8792 for further instructions.

Similar to wildlife, cats are considered free roaming animals. If you do not want cats on your property, we recommend that residents take the following steps:

  • Keep trash cans covered at all times
  • Consider motion activated sprinklers or lighting
  • Remove pet food dishes after feeding
  • Don't attract wildlife/cats by feeding them
  • Consider animal repellant products
  • Remove sources of potential shelter (trim bushes, remove boxes, secure sheds and garages, etc)
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