Related California Bristol Specific Plan

Related California Bristol SP

Project Address: 3600 South Bristol Street

Project Manager: Ali Pezeshkpour, AICP - Principal Planner
Phone: (714) 647-5882

Updated: September 15, 2022

Project description

  • The applicant proposes a specific plan for a 42-acre site to allow up to 3,750 residential units, up to 350,000 square feet of commercial space, 250 hotel rooms, and 200 senior care units, including 6,520 onsite parking spaces, and 13.1 acres of onsite open space. The site is bounded by Bristol Street to the east, Plaza Drive to the west, Sunflower Avenue to the south, and MacArthur Boulevard to the north. The project requires discretionary approval of a tentative tract map, amendment application (zone change) for a specific plan, development agreement, and inclusionary housing plan. Additional environmental review will also be required.

Current status

  • The project is in the Development Project review phase.
  • No public hearings are scheduled at this time.

Important documents

Upcoming meetings

  • Second Sunshine Ordinance community meeting (TBD)

Past meetings

  • First Sunshine Ordinance community meeting on Wednesday, September 7 (see flyer above for more information)
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