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City landscape design guidelines

In response to California's climate and drought conditions, landscape policies have been modified to allow drought-tolerant landscape throughout the City. The City Landscape Guidelines provides direction regarding required landscape planting and "ground cover" on private property. The use of synthetic turf is allowed as aCity landscape design guidelines landscape design feature provided it does not exceed 50 percent of the landscape area. For more information, please consult our Synthetic Turf Design Guidelines.

A parkway generally refers to the narrow piece of land between the street and sidewalk. Traditionally, they have been planted with grass and include a street tree. While these strips of area are owned by the City, it is the duty of the public to maintain and improve these parkways. For more information on parkways, please consult our Parkway Improvement Guidelines.

A decorate front yard fence or low wall can also enhance your front yard or garden. The City Front Yard Design standards detail the allowable height, spacing, and materials. If you are considering a new front yard fence, wall or arbor in your front garden, prior to investing in materials submit the required a Front Yard application and drawings to confirm your design meets City code requirements.

Sample landscape designs and gardens

Below you can find sample designs and gardens to provide some ideas for designing your Water Smart landscape project.sample designs

Sample design #1 Sample garden #1
Sample design #2 Sample garden #2
Sample design #3 Sample garden #3
Sample design #4 Sample garden #4
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