Planning Commission

About the Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is composed of seven city residents, appointed by the Mayor and City Council, to review both developmental proposals and policies related to land use within the city. While the Commission serves as an advisory body on matters related to Zoning and the General Plan, the Commission also has final authority to take action on a variety of land use applications, such as conditional use permits, variances, minor exceptions, and subdivision requests, unless appealed to the City Council.

Meeting date, time and place

  • 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month, at 5:30 p.m.
  • City Council Chamber
    22 Civic Center Plaza
    Santa Ana, CA  92701


  1. Periodically review the City’s General Plan.
  2. Make studies and plans for future civic land use, including use as public recreation facilities.
  3. Annually review the City’s capital improvement program solely for consistency with the General Plan.
  4. Exercise such functions as to land subdivisions, zoning and other City planning as may be prescribed by ordinance;.
  5. By its own motion, make such studies and investigations as it may deem necessary for the formulation of planning and land use policies and report its findings and recommendations to the City Council or the City Manager, or to both such authorities, as it may see fit.

Agenda, staff reports, and minutes

The agenda, staff reports, and minutes are posted at least 72 hours prior to the meeting and can be viewed on The agenda is also posted on boards outside the Civic Center entrance, the Council Chambers, and the main library. If you have questions regarding these documents, please contact the Planning Commission Secretary at (714) 667-2732.


  • Total of 7 regular members

Membership requirements

  • You must reside in Santa Ana.
  • You cannot be a treasurer of a Political Action Committee.

Other important things to remember

  • As a member of the Planning Commission, you are prohibited from holding any paid office or employment in the city government.
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