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Ballot Measure – Business Tax Equity and Flexible Tax Holiday

At the June 21, 2022 City Council Meeting, staff presented to City Council a proposed Voter Ballot Measure for the November 8, 2022, General Election to accomplish the following:

1. Restructure non-cannabis business license tax rates and charges, to improve tax equity among all business sizes, with the aim of achieving an overall net revenue neutral result, designed to reflect current best practices and to recognize the impact of home-based businesses and the new “gig” economy.

2. Provide a flexible Tax Holiday period for unlicensed, past due, or under-assessed businesses to obtain a valid business license or satisfy unpaid or unassessed taxes.

3. Align with closely associated provisions of the City of Santa Ana’s Business License Tax Code, Santa Ana Municipal Code (“SAMC”) Chapter 21.

Arguments Submitted

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