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2021 Affordable Housing Opportunity and Creation Ordinance

Summary of the newly adopted ordinance

On April 19, 2022, City Council adopted a revised ordinance that establishes standards and procedures to create the development of affordable housing for a range of households with varying income levels. This ordinance will ensure the production of affordable on-site units, renovate older units, or pay into an “in-lieu” fee set aside for building affordable housing within the City.

The ordinance was previously known as the Housing Opportunity Ordinance (HOO).

Benefits of the updated ordinance

  • Generates more opportunities for housing developers to build in the City, creating more affordable housing
  • Apply rental and for-sale set-aside requirements
  • Use of local skilled and trained workforce
  • Options for in-lieu fees

Key Provisions

  • Adjust applicability threshold from 20 units to 5 units
  • Modify in-lieu fee requirements; apply sliding scale for smaller projects
  • Include an increase in residential density permitted by the zoning classification
  • Modification to rental and for-sale set-aside requirements
  • Include all City General Plan Amendments and Zone changes after November 28, 2011

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