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Why they traveled

The different reasons why people traveled to Santa Ana are diverse:

  • to visit parks, to enjoy entertainment, to participate in tourism, to get married;
  • to open businesses, to shop, to work;
  • to attend business conventions, to support political rallies, and to receive the latest news.

Why you came to Santa Ana affected where you went, whom you traveled with and the goals you accomplished. For example, in 1889 the Orange County Title Company, now First American Financial Corporation, was created with the founding of Orange County. By 1900 Santa Ana had concretely established its prominence with the building of the Orange County Courthouse. During the 19th century, many people came to Santa Ana to work in the agricultural community, but later they traveled to Santa Ana for business, or opportunities to work in factories and shops along a rapidly developing 4th Street.

Santa Ana has always been an inspiration and nexus for Orange County. Santa Ana’s development and diversity have always been the root of its success. From its roots to present day it continues it historical tradition of innovation.

Birch Park PostcardBand in the Park Store Front Retail Shop Oliver Halsell's Drugstore Spicer's Department Store 1920's Orange County Court House Construction Vegetable packing plant Fine's Blacksmith Shop President at Train Depot G.A.R. Convention 1910 Opera House 1895Actor in front of Fox West Theater

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