Circulation Policy

Library card

A library card is free for all residents of California (CA). A valid government issued photo identification with the current CA address is required at time of registration.  If the government issued identification does not reflect the current CA address, a piece of mail received within the last six (6) months of the current date is acceptable.

A parent or legal guardian’s signature is required on the registration form for applicants in or under 8th grade level in school. Parent or legal guardian must sign in the presence of a library staff member.

A replacement for a lost library card will be issued upon proof of identification at no cost.

An E-Resource/Computer Card, with no borrowing privileges, may be issued for computer use and on-line databases. E-Resource/Computer Card is valid for six months.

Student Success Library Cards (SSLC) are available to all Santa Ana Unified School District’s students.  The SSLC will not expire until the student graduates from high school or transfers out of the Santa Ana Unified School District.

Library cards expire yearly.  To update account information, patrons must provide a valid government issued photo identification reflecting current CA address.  Mail issued within the last six (6) months and a valid government photo identification is acceptable.

Loan and reserve limit

Loan/Reserve Limit per Library Cardholder are as follows:

  • 50 total items on a library card
  • One hotspot and one Chromebook
  • 3 Library of Things Items
  • eBooks and downloadable audiobooks (i.e., Overdrive, Hoopla, etc.) limits are set by the vendor.

Loan/Reserve Limit per Student Success Library Card are as follows:

  • 5 total items on a SSLC
  • 1 Chromebook
  • 1 T-Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot
  • 3 Library of Things Items

Loan periods, renewal and notification process

Most library items are borrowed for three weeks and may be renewed if the item(s) are not reserved.  Loan periods and renewals for library material are as follows:

Material Type Loan Period Renewal (if no holds) Overdue Notice Frequency
Books, Audiobooks, Magazines, DVDs & Hotspots 3 Weeks Unlimited

1st notice – 7 days
2nd notice – 14 days
3rd notice – 21 days
Billed – 35 days*

Chromebooks 3 Months Unlimited 1st notice – 7 days
2nd notice – 14 days
3rd notice – 21 days
Billed – 35 days*
Library of Things (LOT) 3 Weeks 3 1st notice – 7 days
2nd notice – 14 days
3rd notice – 21 days
Billed – 35 days*
California State Library Park Pass 3 Weeks Unlimited 1st notice – 7 days
2nd notice – 14 days
3rd notice – 21 days
Billed – 35 days*

Borrowers have three options to renew library material: Online 24/7, calling the Circulation Department at 714-647-5250, or in person.
A courtesy notice is e-mailed or texted to the cardholder three days before an item is due.
A Lost/billed notice is sent out 35 days after the due date.
Parent/guardians are responsible for items checked out on a library card issued to a minor.
*Loan period for items checked out at the Bookmobile may vary due to service calendar.

Returned items

Library material may be returned to the Santa Ana Public Library or the Newhope Branch Library in person or through the book drop.  Library material is considered returned on the date the item is checked-in by staff.

Library item(s) are checked-in on the same date the item(s) are returned.  Library material returned after the library closes will be checked-in the next business day.

Lost items returned may be waived if the item is returned in the same condition it was checked out.  Patrons may be held responsible for lost charges if the item is damaged or no longer in the system.

Fines and fees

Patrons are responsible for returning all library materials by the due date.

The Library does not charge overdue fees.

Library fees are as follows:

Description Price
Lost/Damaged Materials Actual Cost
Lost/Damaged Jetpacks (Hotspots) Replacement Cost (Jetpack, USB Cord, AC Adapter) Actual Cost
Newspaper Microfilm/Historical Research Fees $32.00 per search, 2-hour minimum. Additional hour $17.00.
Digital Services Photograph Request

  • Scanned Existing Image (TIFF): Non-Commercial Use
  • Scan New Image (JPG): Non-Commercial Use

•$10.00 Per Image
•$10.00 Per Image

Intellectual Property Rights of the Library

  • Commercial Use Fee
  • Non-Profit Use Fee

•$81.00 Per Item
•$10.00 Per Item

Printing Fee

  • Black/White
  • Color

•.15¢ Per Page
•.50¢ Per Page

Borrowing privileges may be suspended until lost and damaged items are resolved or when fees exceed $50.00.

A patron is liable for returned checks from the bank due to insufficient funds for the full amount plus a service charge of up to $35.00 according to California Code Section 1719.

Library privileges

The Library reserves the right to revoke borrowing privileges due to delinquent accounts.  Delinquent accounts may include the following occurrences:

  • A patron whose record shows fees exceeding $50.00.
  • Unresolved lost or damage items.
  • A patron who has moved outside the State of California.

Confidentiality of library records

The Santa Ana Public Library aims to protect the privacy of all library users.  The Library does not disclose any personal information about our users to any third parties in or out of the library except as required by law.  Exceptions to this include:

  • Court ordered request.
  • Personal information that is required to provide service.
  • Statistical reports of patron use or records of fines collected by the library.
  • Upon request from the parent or legal guardian who originally authorized the child to obtain a library card, who is in or under 8th grade level in school.
  • A written request by the cardholder.

California Government Code § 7927.100-79727.105.

(Added by Stats. 2021, Ch. 614, Sec. 2. (AB 473) Effective January 1, 2022. Operative January 1, 2023, pursuant to Sec. 7931.000.)

Library employees must refer all court-ordered requests to the Library Services Director or Library Operations Manager.

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