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The Santa Ana Public Library has a wide range of resources to help you learn new skills, build your academic skills at all levels, practice tests such as the GED and LSAT, job search, update your resume, and more! Get instant access to digital resources at the Santa Ana Public Library from home or on the go. Have your library card number and pin ready or get an eLibrary card today.


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Santa Ana WORK Center

The Santa Ana WORK Center connects our community’s job seekers to the resources, skills, and opportunities they need to find better jobs and careers. The WORK Center provides job seekers a single, convenient, and no-cost access to a wide variety of employment services and resources.

Digital Resources

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Hone your skills and knowledge through Coursera with courses from more than 200 major universities and qualified instructors. Courses include math, statistics, computer language such as Python, English, marketing, and so many more.



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EBSCO LearningExpress offers tools that help build academic and professional skills at all levels. Students can find practice tests such as the SAT, GED, LSAT, and many more. Professional exams like the Real Estate License, EMT, and specific professional exams are also available.



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Enhance your skills with over 17,000 online tutorials and classes led by experts. Popular subjects include programming languages, spreadsheets, business intelligence, job searching, career management, and many more.




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Universal Class offers more than 500 online courses in more than 30 subject areas, many of which offer continuing education units (CEUs). It includes videos, assignments, quizzes, tests, and social media interaction options with other learners.



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Free live online assistance for job seekers, veterans, and their families.


Book recommendations

When Can You Start? Bookcover

When Can You Start?

by Whitehouse, Bud

The vast majority of job seekers don't know what they don't know about the job search, and when they get a job they don't know how to create and manage success. By combining Whitehouse's week-to-week work strategies and proven career management secrets, job seekers of all types can work toward obtaining promotions and better job opportunities.

The 2-Hour Job Search Bookcover

The 2-Hour Job Search

by Dalton, Steve

Technology has changed not only the way we do business, but also the way we look for work. The 2-Hour Job Search rejects laundry lists of conventional wisdom in favor of a streamlined job search approach that produces results quickly and efficiently. In three steps, creator Steve Dalton shows you how to select, prioritize, and make contact with potential employers so you can land that critical first interview.

Linked: Conquer LinkedIn. Get Your Dream Job. Own Your Future. Bookcover

Linked: Conquer LinkedIn. Get Your Dream Job. Own Your Future.

by Garriott, Omar

A definitive guide to maximizing LinkedIn and navigating the changing hiring landscape. Written by hiring gurus Omar Garriott and Jeremy Schifeling, both former LinkedIn marketing heads with invaluable insider perspective the book lays out a five-step job search framework, tying each to discrete actions on LinkedIn.
Internet Your Way to a New Job Bookcover

Internet Your Way to a New Job

by Doyle, Alison

This book will provide you what you need to know and step you through the process of online job searching, professional branding, social and professional networking, and career building with uncomplicated advice, tips, and techniques on how to effectively find a new job and grow your career

50 Ways to Get a Job Bookcover

50 Ways to Get a Job

by Aujla, Dev

Job search expert Dev Aujla created as a way to offer practical, tangible steps to finding (and getting) the right job for you. Within only a few months, over 400,000 people used the site, and Aujla was able to gather data from thousands of individual job searches. In this cleverly constructed guide, Aujla presents the tried-and-tested steps to not only getting hired, but also the secrets to staying motivated and energized throughout the job hunting process.

Back to Business Bookcover

Back to Business

by Jensen, Nancy McSharry

When on the hunt for a job, make sure your LinkedIn profile is just as polished and updated as your resume. If you aren't getting responses from recruiters, chances are your profile is missing pertinent keywords that bots aren't selecting. In addition, dress codes have changed too, so you'll need to know new technologies such as Slack and Google+ Hangouts. If you have no idea what any of this means, YOU'RE NOT ALONE.

You're one of the forty-five percent of women who, after taking a career break, quickly discovered that the job search has changed rapidly in the last decade. With new modes of communication, rules of discoverability and expectations, this book lays out a clear path for anyone ready to re-enter the workforce.

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