Rental Housing Board

1. Conducts hearings on petitions, applications, and appeals of hearings determined by a Hearing Officer submitted by Landlords or Tenants.
2. Promulgates and implements policies and procedures for the administration and enforcement of the Rent Stabilization and Just Cause Eviction Ordinance.
3. Makes such studies, surveys, and investigations, conducts such hearings, and obtains such information as is necessary to carry out its powers and duties.
4. Reviews and assesses yearly that sufficient number of staff are employed, including a Program Administrator, Hearing Officers, housing counselors, and legal staff, as may be necessary to perform its function efficiently in order to fulfill the purpose of Article XIX of the Santa Ana Municipal Code.

Meeting day, time, and place

To be determined

Max Terms


Membership Requirements

  • Resident of the City of Santa Ana
  • Must be a tenant, mobile-home tenant, landlord, or at-large member with no financial interest in and no ownership of income-generating rental housing

Department Liaison:

To be determined

Additional Information: Refer to Santa Ana Municipal Code Chapter 8, Article XIX, Division 5, Section 8-3180

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