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Fireworks information

Fireworks and COVID-19

Due to the Governor's orders under COVID-19, the City has added an additional item to the application packet requirements for firework stand permits. At this moment, the City is moving forward and will accept applications for fireworks stands. However, permit issuance is conditional and subject to changes as a result of the Governor's order under COVID-19.

General information

In order for permit applications to be processed, all applicants will need to submit and implement their plan for keeping physical distance in compliance with the Governor's executive orders and CDC guidelines. This plan should be included in the permit application packet.

The Fourth of July and the celebration of our nation's birthday are coming up quickly. The City of Santa Ana wants to remind every one that only California State Fire Marshal approved Safe and Sane fireworks may be purchased, possessed, or discharged within the City.

fireworks in sa

To better assist the various non-profit groups, charitable organizations, schools, and religious institutions, the Building Safety Division has provided the following information regarding the application, permitting and inspection process for fireworks stands in the City.

Santa Ana is one of several cities in Orange County where safe and sane fireworks are permitted for sale. The Santa Ana Municipal Code restricts the total number of fireworks stands within the city to 85. If there are less than 85 application within the year, the City will hold a lottery to allow new qualifying non-profit organizations to fill any vacant spots.

Due to COVID-19, the following dates are subject to change

Important dates in 2022

  • June 13th - All applications (new and returning) must be must be received by the Building Safety Division by 5 pm
  • June 15th - Lottery drawing held
  • June 15th - All fireworks booth permit applications submitted with insufficient information or missing documentation must be corrected
  • June 17th - First day that temporary fireworks stands may be set up on any premise
  • June 23rd - All acknowledgement forms must be received by the Building Safety Division by 5pm
  • July 1st - Fireworks sales may commence beginning at 12pm (must be inspected and approved to open)
  • July 4th - Fireworks sales must conclude by 9pm
  • July 11th - All booths must be removed and the sites cleaned in order to receive clean premises deposit back

Important documents / applications

Applications should be routed through a recognized fireworks vendor prior to being sent to the City for further processing.

Applicable fees

  • Electrical permit: $109.80 (if required)
  • Clean premises deposit: $219.60 (to be refunded if fireworks stand is removed and site is clean by July 11, 2022)
  • For Orange County Fire Authority fee, please contact OCFA at (714) 573-6180


Most fireworks stands that require an electrical permit are required to get 2 different inspections:

  • Electrical inspection performed by a City of Santa Ana Building Inspector
  • Fireworks stand inspection performed by the Orange County fire Authority Inspector

Inspection information: (714) 647-5849

For information about the Orange County Fire Authority's fees and inspection requirements for fireworks stands, please call (714) 573-6180 or visit their website.


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