Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations for Multi-Family & Commercial

To bring the City into substantial compliance with the State requirements of AB 1236 (2015), Santa Ana has adopted a streamlining ordinance (Chapter 8 ARTICLE XVII) that facilitates the approval process for qualifying EVCS. Applicants planning to install a charging station at an existing building must accurately complete the application checklist in order to be issued all necessary permits.

Submittal Requirements

Step 1: Complete permit applications

Please download and complete both applications:

    1. Building application
    2. Electrical application

All applications must include the following:

    1.  Site and electrical plans with a single line diagram. The site plan must be drawn to scale and include full dimensions to include the below:
      •  Location, size and use of all structures;
      • Location of electrical panel for the charging system; and
      • Type of charging system and mounting
    1. Electric load calculation worksheet
    2. Additional information based on response to questions in the checklist (see #2 below)

Step 2: Conformance with the eligibility checklist for expedited permitting.

Complete and submit the appropriate Eligibility Checklist from the list below for expedited review

Electronic submittal

You may submit an electronic submittal through the Building Safety EVSE electronic plan check request form. Once you submit a request form, please wait for up to 3 days to receive an email notification from staff regarding your request.

In-person submittal

You may come in during our regular counter hours. Building counter hours are 8am - 3pm M, T, TH, and alt-Fridays and 8am - 2pm Wednesdays.

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