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Planning and Building Agency Electronic Plan (E-Plan) Review

The City of Santa Ana Planning and Building Agency (PBA) is pleased to announce that Planning and Building project plans may now be submitted online for electronic plan (E-Plan) review. Below are the types of project plans being accepted for online submittal by each Division.

Planning Division Review

Please note that any projects requiring development project review, as specified in Section 41-668 of the Santa Ana Municipal Code, and/or Major Improvements to Historic Properties are currently not being accepted for E-Plan review. Please contact the Planning  Division by phone (714) 647-5804 or by email at if you are unsure if your project is eligible for a E-Plan review.

The following Tier 1 Projects are eligible for Planning E-Plan review and require review and approval by the Planning Division prior to submitting the project into the Building Safety Division E-Plan check review process. Tier 2 Projects are eligible for Planning and Building electronic concurrent plan check.

Please click here for Planning Division forms, applications, handouts, and fees.

  • Residential and Non-Residential Additions less than 2,500 sq. ft. (anything over 2,500 sq. ft. requires Development Project Review)
  • Residential & Non-Residential Fa├žade Modifications
  • New Single Family Dwelling Unit
  • New Accessory Dwelling Unit/Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit
  • New Landscape Projects greater than 500 sq. ft. and Rehabilitated Landscape Projects Greater than 2,500 sq. ft.
  • Residential Front Yard Fence
  • New and Temporary Signage and Sign Programs
  • Minor Improvements to Historic Properties/Neighborhood Review (for properties located within French Park and Heninger Park)
  • Modifications to Wireless Communication Facilities
  • Tenant Improvements for Cannabis Projects, after Phase 1 and Phase 2 cannabis application

Building Safety Plan Check Review

All projects that have completed the Planning Division Review process (Tier 1 projects listed above and projects that have completed the Development Project Review process) and the following Tier 2 Projects below are eligible for Planning and Building concurrent Plan Check.

Projects in FEMA Flood Zones that are substantial improvements are recommended to consult with Building staff prior to electronic submittal.

Contact the Building Safety Division at (714) 647-5800 for any questions. Please click here for Building Safety applications.

  • Resident interior remodels
  • Residential patio covers
  • Window change-outs of non-historical properties
  • Pool and/or spa
  • Installation of air conditioning condensers
  • All tenant improvements not involving a change of occupancy/use
  • Tenant improvements involving a change of occupancy/use of less than 2,500 sq. ft. and which fall under of the following uses:
    • Professional, business, and administrative offices;
    • Service uses;
    • Medical offices;
    • Restaurants/eating establishments;
    • Retail and service activities;
    • Live/work spaces;
    • Banks and financial institutions; and
    • Gymnasiums and studios operated for commercial or public purposes.
  • Parking lot improvements
  • Temporary construction trailers

Grading Plan Check

For Grading Plan Check submittals, please visit the Public Works Electronic Plan Check Webpage.

Please Note: All electronic approved plans are required to have paper plans for inspections.

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