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Code Enforcement Division

About the Code Enforcement Division

Santa Ana Code Enforcement officers work closely within the community to protect public health, safety and welfare, enforcing city codes related to nuisance and land use violations. Code Enforcement Officers examine properties either in response to a complaint or as part of ongoing proactive enforcement efforts. Businesses or property owners not in compliance are given an opportunity to correct the violations voluntarily. However, failure to comply with the municipal or adopted code can result in fines and legal action. It is our goal to educate and work cooperatively with the residents and businesses of the community we serve in order to meet the community’s standards and create a pleasant quality of life for everyone in the City of Santa Ana.

How can we help you?

To report a complaint about a building, land use, or other code violations in Santa Ana, please click on 'Submit a complaint online'.

Code Enforcement's Animal Services handles all calls for service regarding barking dogs, stray animals, and dead animals

For information on Code Enforcement's Residential Response Team, Dangerous Abandoned Buildings, Property Maintenance Standards, and other resources, please click here.

Code Enforcement is committed to maintaining and improving the quality of life throughout the community including working with business owners to educate and resolve code enforcement issues.

The Proactive Rental Enforcement Program (PREP) promotes public health, safety, and welfare through a systematic proactive code enforcement effort towards residential rental property throughout the City of Santa Ana.

Code Enforcement inspectors utilize various methods to gain compliance when property owners and tenants are violating Municipal Codes.

Public counter assistance and services

All public counter assistance and services will be handled by phone, email, or via teleconference. However, Code Enforcement will still continue to provide the following:

  • Health & safety inspections
  • Responses to imminent and dangerous situations involving life and safety concerns
  • Non-life safety inspections, enforcements, and issues when they can be completed from the public right away. This may include QOLT and general property maintenance concerns, site survey, Santa Ana Police Department, and Orange County Fire Authority requests
  • Cannabis Office & Operations Logistics (714) 565-2637
  • Enforcement and fines for non-life safety issues as deemed appropriate by a code enforcement manager

Code Enforcement Events and Meetings

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