Commercial Enforcement Team (CET)

What we do

The City's Commercial Enforcement Team (CET) is a code enforcement program that investigates complaints alleging health and safety, zoning, land use violations and substandard conditions on commercial and industrial properties. The team handles concerns involving the lack of business licenses and Certificate of Occupancy that are required for local businesses to operate within the City. The CET also consists of a Cannabis and Regulatory Enforcement Unit (CREU) that responds to and investigates complaints of cannabis locations operating illegally within the City. This unit conducts periodic inspections and regulates the current legally approved cannabis businesses. The entire team collectively works with property and business owners to improve the aesthetics of the commercial and industrial districts through progressively educating the business community to resolve code enforcement issues.

Complaints can be submitted online or by calling the CET live dispatch at (714) 667-2780. Examples of the violations that we address in commercial and industrial zones:

  • Property maintenance
  • Graffiti
  • Land use
  • Lack of Business License
  • Lack of Certificate of Occupancy
  • Improper Occupancy
  • Vacant and abandoned  structures
  • Unpermitted construction
  • Unpermitted signage
  • Overgrown vegetation
  • Trash and debris
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