Mobile vending regulations

Mobile Vending Regulations Cover image


  • Business License (SAMC 21-5)
  • OC County Health approval
  • Conspicuous display of permits (SAMC 36-702 (B)(2)
  • Equipped with refuse containers within 50ft radius of vehicle
  • Vehicles to be stored in Commissaries
  • Land Use Certificate / special event permit when on private property
  • Food truck operator responsible for retrieval of trash and refuse generated during hours of operation and before leaving area.

Prohibited actions and items

  • Additional lighting, signs, amplified sound
  • Vending within 250ft of school, park, community center or play ground
  • Vending within 50ft of marked/unmarked crosswalk in an intersection
  • Vending that obstructs or creates hazards
  • Restocking in public right of way
  • Electrical power from public / private property
  • Items in public right of way
  • Vending where speed limit is 35 miles per hour or greater
  • No tables / chairs
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