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Dangerous and Abandoned Buildings (DABS)

General Information

Code Enforcement inspectors are responsible for the investigation of hazardous nuisance conditions, such as unsecured structures and swimming pools that pose an imminent danger.

Other examples of nuisance conditions include:

  • Vacant, open structures throughout the City (priority is given to those in close proximity to schools)residential empty pool
  • Vacant, unfenced parcels used for parking or storage
  • Dirty, stagnant swimming pools
  • Pools without adequate protective fencing

Inspection process:

Inspection reveals a hazardous condition, the inspector issues the property owner a Notice & Order/ Notice to Correct the conditions within a short specified time period.

Should the owner not remedy the hazardous conditions, the City may obtain a contractor to complete the work. The owner is then billed for all costs and administrative fees. An Abatement Notice is filled with the Orange County Recorder as a notice to potential buyers.

If the City is not reimbursed in a timely manner, the costs are referred to the Orange County Tax Assessor to be recorded as a lien on the property. Criminal action by the Office of the City Attorney may also be initiated against the property owner.

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