Residential Response Team (RRT)

What we do

The City's Residential Response Team (RRT) is a code enforcement program that investigates complaints alleging substandard housing conditions, property maintenance violations, and land use violations on owner-occupied or rented single-family residences. The team also handles traditional code enforcement concerns involving the lack of exterior property maintenance and abandoned vehicle violations that detract from the neighborhood. The most commonly reported violations involve substandard housing, hazardous conditions, unpermitted work, illegal business in a residence, and dangerous and abandoned buildings. Property owners are given a fixed period to abate conditions before enforcement actions are taken. To maximize the effectiveness of this program, the City seeks to augment levels of funding and personnel where feasible.

Complaints can be submitted online or by calling the RRT live dispatch at (714) 667-2780. Examples of the violations that we address in residential neighborhoods:

• Fire damaged homes
• Peeling paint
• Unpermitted window change-outs
• Overgrown vegetation
• Deteriorated roofs
• Broken windows
• Abandoned properties
• Vacant properties
• Abandoned grocery carts
• Produce Truck violations
• Auto Repair Shops

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