Homeless Encampment

Information on reporting homeless encampments

Homelessness is a complex issue that requires everyone's attention. The City, along with our numerous partners is doing our part to ensure that homelessness is addressed on behalf of our residents and community.

An encampment includes one or more individuals with supplies for cooking, living, and sleeping such as a tent or other makeshift living quarters. It does not include individuals enjoying a park or public space during posted hours of operation, absent of illegal activity.

For more information on homelessness, please visit the City’s Homeless Services website at https://www.santa-ana.org/departments/homeless.

When to contact Code Enforcement

To report homeless encampments call (714) 667-2780 or click here.

When to call the Police

  • When a crime is occurring
  • When there is drug activity or the presence of drugs or paraphernalia
  • Loitering outside of establishments
  • Trespassing
  • Impeding access to business
  • Aggressive panhandling

Help for businesses

If you are an owner or operator of a business or commercial property and have concerns regarding issues of unwanted persons or criminal activity on your property, there are resources available to help you in addressing your issues successfully. In addition, many nuisance or criminal activities can be prevented by owners taking a proactive approach to protecting private properties.

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