Certificate of Occupancy & Home Occupation permit

Certificate of Occupancy information

Certificate of Occupancy A Certificate of Occupancy is required for any business enterprise that requires a City business license.

Applications for Certificate of Occupancy are available via the following:

  1. Online form
  2. At the Planning counter, please click here to schedule your visit to City Hall (required).

There is a one-time processing fee to be paid upon approval of the Certificate of Occupancy application. Payments may be made online or in person after an application is submitted.

Once your application is approved, you will be provided information for scheduling the occupancy inspection. The Occupancy Inspection checklist details what will be inspected.

To request an Occupancy Inspection, please call (714)647-5815 and be sure to have your Certificate of Occupancy Number (COO-####-##) and Business Tax Number (######) readily available. You can also schedule an Occupancy inspection by visiting https://permit.santa-ana.org/Occupancy-Inspections.

Note: The business must be moved in to the space or building before an inspection will be scheduled.

Business license requirement

Additionally, please contact Business Tax (714 647-5447) to obtain and complete the business license application. You will be assigned a Business Tax Number (BTN) that will need to be provided on the Certificate of Occupancy application.

Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) Control Program information and food-oriented businesses

Businesses engaging in activity where food or cooking are involved, such as food processing, cafes, restaurants, and markets, may need additional clearance from the Public Works Agency before submitting their Certificate of Occupancy application. For more information, please click here.

Home Occupation Permit

Every business operating from residential premises within the City is required to obtain a Home Occupation Permit and comply with all applicable provisions of the City of Santa Ana Municipal Code relating to home-based businesses. Home Businesses must apply for and receive an approved Home Occupation Permit before they  pay for their Business License. For information on obtaining a Home Occupation Permit, please call (714) 647-5804 or email PlanningDepartment@santa-ana.org.

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