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Environmental Justice Action Committee

Why is the EJ Action Committee being formed?

The purpose of the formation of the Environmental Justice (EJ) Action Committee is to develop ongoing EJ community engagement for disadvantaged EJ communities and host quarterly roundtable meetings with local stakeholders to guide and evaluate implementation of environmental justice policies. This is part of the City of Santa Ana General Plan Environmental Justice policy implementation of Land Use Element Policy 3.25. Click here to learn more about the General Plan.

How was the committee formed?

The committee will consist of one resident from each geographic EJ cluster, two representatives from local community-based organizations, one representative from the City of Santa Ana, and one representative from the Orange County Health Care Agency. The purpose of the committee is to collaborate and provide guidance on the implementation of the General Plan Environmental Justice policies and actions. When the EJ Action Committee meets in January 2024, their first order of business will be to select the two CBO representatives to complete the formation of the EJ Action Committee.


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