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Developing an Agenda

Developing an Agenda

A meeting agenda lets people know what they might anticipate if they attend the meeting, and once there, the agenda helps to keep the meeting on track. It is best to distribute agendas in advance of the meeting. For Santa Ana Neighborhood Associations, the flyer that announces the Neighborhood Association meeting generally serves the dual purpose as the meeting agenda too.

What's included on an agenda

Agendas can provide different levels of information. Usually the main topics are identified. Some agendas provide key points under each item but when the dual purpose flyer/agenda is used, there is usually very little room. A typical Neighborhood Association agenda has the following information:

  • Name of the Association.
  • Meeting Date, Place, and Time.
  • A list (agenda) of items that will be discussed during the meeting.
  • The name and organization of any “outside” speakers.

Optional items include

  • Names of individuals responsible for each item on the agenda.
  • Times allotted for each agenda item.
  • A catch all “Other” category at the end to allow for additional items.
  • A contact person for questions about the agenda or meeting prior to the meeting.

Sample agenda ideas

The following sample agenda ideas:

  • Consider using letterhead that highlights a unique characteristic of the neighborhood. Use of a logo or letterhead helps to give an Association an identity.
  • Include inspirational statements to encourage attendance.
  • Focus on the presentation for the evening.
  • Use a business agenda that states the meeting purpose and provide times for each item.

These are only a few examples of agendas. Please feel free to add additional sample agendas that your Association likes. With the range of creative graphics that are now available on most computers, it can be fun for a Neighborhood Association to create their own style of agenda.

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